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Tax Payers Beware: False Tax Collection Company

Tax payers beware! There is currently a company falsely claiming to have a partnership to collect and pay property taxes on behalf of residents in larger urban centers.

Blandford-Blenheim residents should be advised that the municipality has not partnered with a third-party company for tax collection.

There are six options for Blandford-Blenheim residents to pay their tax notice:

  • Signing up for a pre-authorized payment plan (quarterly or monthly)
  • In person at the Blandford-Blenheim Township office at 47 Wilmot Street South, Drumbo
  • By mail (cheque only)
  • Dropping off payment at the overnight drop box at the front of Town Hall
  • At most banks and financial institutions in person, or online and telephone banking
  • Through your mortgage company

If at anytime you should have concerns or questions relating to the authenticity or validity of your tax notice, please contact the Township at 519-463-5347 or

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