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Notice regarding Taxes

2019 Interim Tax Notices will be mailed at the end of January.

2019 Dog Registration Happening Now!

Make sure to get your dog(s) registered for 2019. Any dog living in the Township must be registered...

Important Notice: Online & Telephone Bill Payments to the Township

Changes may need to be made to the account number you are paying for online or telephone banking pa...

Township Cycling Route

Notice: Southwestern Public Health is our New Public Health Unit

Oxford County Public Health and Elgin St. Thomas Public Health have merged to create Southwestern P...

Important Notice: Online & Telephone Bill Payments to the Township

Online and Telephone Banking Payments on your property taxes

Important: If you are currently making online or telephone banking payments please ensure your account number starts with 3245. This will ensure your payment is properly applied to your account.

Interested in Online Banking Payments?

Step 1: Add us as a Billing Company in your online banking website/app. Use the search name Blandford. This will likely reduce the choices to two options. Tax or Dog Tags.

Step 2: Enter the account number. For taxes it is your roll number and starts with 3245. Please leave off the last four zeros. For Dog Tags you have been assigned a unique Customer Number. Call if you need assistance finding your roll number or unique customer number.

Step 3: Make a payment at your convenience

Township Staff