Notice about Pot Holes

Cracks and potholes on Oxford County maintained roadways are developing quickly following fluctuating temperatures, moisture from melting snow and frequent snow plowing.

Potholes are a seasonal inconvenience and residents should drive with caution, keeping their attention on the road ahead for potholes and to avoid driving over them, when it is safe to do so.

Oxford County Public Works crews routinely monitor road conditions to identify areas that need repairs and are working as diligently as possible to patch potholes on County maintained roadways until warmer, dryer weather arrives, allowing for more permanent repairs.

Motorists, residents and business owners can help by reporting potholes they are seeing on their travels by calling Oxford County at 519-539-9800 or submitting them online through Speak Up, Oxford!

Load restrictions are also in effect on area roadways until April 30 to prevent additional pothole damage from heavy vehicles.

Township roads are also affected by these conditions and follow the same approach as Oxford County. If it is a Township-owned road you wish to notify us of or speak to us about, please call 519-463-5347 or email As usual, the County and Township are working together on this and thank all travellers for their patience.

Township Staff