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Community Update: Speed Management and Road Safety

Oxford county is proposing changes to improve road safety in your area.

Oxford County residents have expressed concerns about speeding in both rural communities and urban settings. With strong population growth and increased traffic across Oxford, Public Works has been studying speed
management, traffic calming and safety on County roads since 2019. Road safety reviews have considered local community perceptions of road safety, the need for stop signs and/or crosswalks, traffic speed and volume, posted speed, collision data and other factors that impact how traffic moves through a community. As a result, Oxford County is recommending changes to roads in the following areas:

Princeton: Oxford Rd 2 (Dundas Street)
Oxford Rd 3 (Main Street)
Plattsville: Oxford Rd 8 (Douro Street)
Zorra: Oxford Rd 7

Speeding poses a serious risk to public safety and property. However, many factors play a role in speeding and reducing posted speeds often yields no significant change in driving speeds as a driver’s choice of speed is largely influenced by the surrounding driving environment as opposed to posted speed limits.

Most drivers travel at a speed they consider comfortable. For this reason, the County's recommendations focus on proven measures to reduce speed by adjusting speed zone boundaries and providing visual cues, like:

electronic speed feedback signs
traffic-calming measures (centre delineators, pavement markings)
community entrance features (landscaping, street lights, gateway signs)

Learn about the proposed changes:
Contact the project lead:
Frank Gross, Manager of Transportation and

25 MAY
Oxford County Council
7:00 p.m.
If you would like to make a presentation, delegate or share comments at the meeting, please
send a message to the County Clerk, Chloe Senior:

Township Staff