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Clerk Services

The Township Clerk’s department is the secretary of the municipality, responsible for all manner of record-keeping throughout the administration. The Township Clerk has a special role as secretary to Council with responsibility for keeping the minutes of Council meetings. Other staff members in this Department have a wide variety of duties that are either extensions of this core function or adjuncts to it.

Responsibilities of the Clerks Department

Records Management

The Township Clerk is responsible to record all resolutions, decisions and other proceedings of Council, and to keep the originals or copies of all by-laws and of all minutes of the proceedings of Council.

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Criminal Reference (Police) Check

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Township office is no longer processing requests for Criminal Record Check/Vulnerable Sector Checks. Please call 1-888-310-1122 to make arrangements to have the service done at a Oxford County Detachment Office. You may also see to read the latest news from the OPP. The price for a record check of any kind is $41.00. However, police checks required for volunteer positions are free so long as the applicant has a letter from the organization. 

Please Note: Any CAS kinship or adoption applicants are to attend the Ingersoll or Tillsonburg detachments as the Township office is unable to process these applications.

Township Staff
Chief Building Official
John Scherer
Phone: 519-462-2697 (East Zorra Tavistock Office)
Fax: 519-463-5881
Building Inspector / Property Standards Enforcement Officer
Ray Belanger
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7429
Fax: 519-463-5881
Dustin Robson
Phone: 519-539-9800 ex 3211
Drainage Superintendent
Jim Harmer
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7433
Fax: 519-463-5881
Rodger Mordue
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7427
Fax: 519-463-5881
Deputy Clerk
Sarah Matheson
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7422
Fax: 519-463-5881

Director of Finance/Treasurer
Denise Krug
Treasury, Budgeting, Financial Reporting & Planning
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7424
Fax: 519-463-5881
Deputy Treasurer/Revenue Co-ordinator
Katie Koski
Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Property Tax Administrator
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7425
Fax: 519-463-5881
Finance/ Customer Service Clerk
Shanna Kamenar
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7421
Fax: 519-463-5881

Director of Protective Services
Fire Chief
Rick Richardson
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7423
Fax: 519-463-5881
Protective Services Administrator
Michelle VanWyk
Protective Services Administration / CEMC
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7432
Fax: 519-463-5881
Director of Public Works
Jim Borton
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7426
Fax: 519-463-5881
Road Supervisor
Ben Minutillo
Drumbo Shop: 519-463-5389
Manager of Community Services
Trevor Baer
Arena Contact, Maintenance Lead
Phone: 519-684-7482
Fax: 519-684-6886