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Public Works


Roads located within the Township of Blandford-Blenheim are under the care of either the Township or the County of Oxford, including construction projects and ongoing maintenance work.

The Township Public Works department maintains approximately 331 kilometres in roads and strives to keep the Township’s roadways in good repair to ensure the safety of our residents and the travelling public.

For concerns regarding County roads, please contact the County of Oxford Public Works Department at (519) 539-9800.

Public Works

The following is a list of activities the Public Works department is responsible for: grass mowing of ditches, bridges and culverts (including entrance culverts), litter pickup, shoulder grading, signs and line stripping, snowplowing/snow fencing/snow removal, yard waste/leaf depots, asphalt maintenance, gravel road maintenance (including grading and dust control), sidewalk repairs, street lights and street sweeping.


Hydro One

The entire Township gets its electricity from Hydro One. Call 1-888-664-9376

Union Gas

Call 1-888-774-3111 for customer service

Water & Sewage

Municipal water and sewage services are available in the villages of Drumbo and Plattsville only. The villages of Bright and Princeton have municipal water service. Water and sewage are handled by the Oxford County Public Works Department. They can be reached by phone at 519-539-9800.

Rural Oxford Connections

High-speed internet is coming to Oxford County's rural communities. This means people in more remote areas will have internet service that is faster and more widely available, giving rural homes and businesses a more efficient and reliable way of connecting to the world through the internet. You can check the status of the service in your area, and sign up for the service if it is available.

Township Staff
Chief Building Official
John Scherer
Phone: 519-462-2697 (East Zorra Tavistock Office)
Fax: 519-463-5881
Building Inspector / Property Standards Enforcement Officer
Ray Belanger
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7429
Fax: 519-463-5881
Dustin Robson
Phone: 519-539-9800 ex 3211
Drainage Superintendent
Jim Harmer
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7433
Fax: 519-463-5881
Rodger Mordue
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7427
Fax: 519-463-5881
Deputy Clerk
Sarah Matheson
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7422
Fax: 519-463-5881

Director of Finance/Treasurer
Denise Krug
Treasury, Budgeting, Financial Reporting & Planning
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7424
Fax: 519-463-5881
Deputy Treasurer/Revenue Co-ordinator
Katie Koski
Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Property Tax Administrator
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7425
Fax: 519-463-5881
Finance/ Customer Service Clerk
Shanna Kamenar
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7421
Fax: 519-463-5881

Director of Protective Services
Fire Chief
Rick Richardson
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7423
Fax: 519-463-5881
Protective Services Administrator
Michelle VanWyk
Protective Services Administration / CEMC
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7432
Fax: 519-463-5881
Director of Public Works
Jim Borton
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7426
Fax: 519-463-5881
Road Supervisor
Ben Minutillo
Drumbo Shop: 519-463-5389
Manager of Community Services
Trevor Baer
Arena Contact, Maintenance Lead
Phone: 519-684-7482
Fax: 519-684-6886