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Business & Investment

Blandford-Blenheim is the ideal spot for business. Whether you are starting a new business, looking for lands to relocate or expand, or are looking for help to navigate through the development process we are here to help you.


Our strategic location gives businesses in Blandford-Blenheim the benefit of being able to quickly access many major North American markets. Whether it’s by road, rail or air Blandford-Blenheim is easy to get to. Located on Highway 401 and adjacent to Highway 403 Toronto, Buffalo and Detroit are all just a short drive away. Two major rail carriers with lines through Blandford-Blenheim allow for easy access to North American markets. Access to air transportation is equally as convenient with four international airports within an hour’s drive.

Work Force

Our location also allows employers to access many highly skilled workers due to our close proximity to some of the finest education institutions in Canada.

Rural Oxford Economic Development

The ROEDC is committed to helping people and business thrive in Rural Oxford. Their economic development professionals strive to do everything possible to mitigate barriers that could hinder good business growth in our communities, in a positive, timely and confidential way. Visit their website for more information,

Township Staff
Chief Building Official
John Scherer
Phone: 519-462-2697 (East Zorra Tavistock Office)
Fax: 519-463-5881
Building Inspector / Property Standards Enforcement Officer
Ray Belanger
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7429
Fax: 519-463-5881
Dustin Robson
Phone: 519-539-9800 ex 3211
Drainage Superintendent
Jim Harmer
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7433
Fax: 519-463-5881
Rodger Mordue
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7427
Fax: 519-463-5881
Deputy Clerk
Sarah Matheson
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7422
Fax: 519-463-5881

Director of Finance/Treasurer
Denise Krug
Treasury, Budgeting, Financial Reporting & Planning
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7424
Fax: 519-463-5881
Deputy Treasurer/Revenue Co-ordinator
Katie Koski
Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Property Tax Administrator
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7425
Fax: 519-463-5881
Finance/ Customer Service Clerk
Shanna Kamenar
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7421
Fax: 519-463-5881

Director of Protective Services
Fire Chief
Rick Richardson
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7423
Fax: 519-463-5881
Protective Services Administrator
Michelle VanWyk
Protective Services Administration / CEMC
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7432
Fax: 519-463-5881
Director of Public Works
Jim Borton
Phone: 519-463-5347 ex 7426
Fax: 519-463-5881
Road Supervisor
Ben Minutillo
Drumbo Shop: 519-463-5389
Manager of Community Services
Trevor Baer
Arena Contact, Maintenance Lead
Phone: 519-684-7482
Fax: 519-684-6886